Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Potty Training 2.0

A few weekends ago in the car Landon randomly said potty.  Chris asked if he wanted to go potty and he responded with an enthusiastic - 'Yes!'

That's not a word you hear often from a two year old. 

We had given potty training a rest after Emmilyn was born, Landon completely regressed, and I...well frankly I was too tired to fight with him over it for a while.  I was just getting to a place where I wanted to give it another go when he said yes!  So we start potty training again when my favorite word NO returns, except this time it's Nope! with an air of confidence as if to say, 'I know what you're doing, Mom!'

Then last week while I was on the phone Landon helps himself onto the little potty in the living room and goes!  Once I got off the phone we high-fived, cleaned up, and got a prize.  I had to make one more quick phone call.  When I got off I discovered Landon went potty again (#2) and then cleaned it up on his the kitchen sink.  Yay?  While logic would say I should move him to just the big potty, that just doesn't work for a strong-willed and stubborn little fella.  He has to be able to do it hisself soo...little potty it is for a while!

Fast foward a week or two and he seems to be doing great!  He's in pull-ups when we're out, underwear when we're home.  He's routinely dry when we're out (more-so then when we're home) and has gone a handful of times at daycare for someone else so I call that progress!  Whoever said you could fully potty train your kid in 3 days has lost they're ever-loving mind! 

Landon still has to be reminded most of the time but let's be honest...he has to be reminded about everything.

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