Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I learned something today

When I clean, I like to dedicate several straight hours to it.  For example a cleaning day or a laundry day.  In fact, I will put off cleaning until I have that stretch of time required to complete it.  **NEWSFLASH**  This is impossible once you have kids!  As I have to peer around the piles on tables, the trash is overflowing, my 11 month old is getting into everything, and the house in general is closing in around me it finally occurs to me:  This stretch of time I seem to be 'waiting' for is never going to come.  Soooo, I guess it's time to change my approach and try a new method.  One room/task per day!  Little steps is how I get things accomplished.  So, tomorrow my goal is to clear off the dining table & kitchen island.  Let the challenge begin!

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