Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Boy Who Cried Poop

Just what you were hoping for, right?  Another potty training/poop related blog post.  :)  We had a pretty relaxed 4 day weekend with lots of lounging on the couch, a few chores, and most days sleeping in until 8am.  I don't know where the sleeping in came from because Landon is usually up by 6am but I'm just referring to it as the calm before the storm since I am due with baby #2 in just 10 days now! (10 days, yay!)  Whatever may be causing him to sleep later - THANK YOU!  Despite our super exciting weekend, I am focusing on potty training because we had a little victory to celebrate! 

Public potty use!!

 I learned early on in potty training that as successful as your toddler may be at home, the public potty is a totally different beast!  In my opinion the number one reason public potty training is a challenge?  Those darn scary (& LOUD) super flushers!  When the toilet is as big as you of course that flush will scare the crap out of you!  In fact, my Aunt was telling me that the flush scared one of my cousins so bad that she would have to stop grocery shopping, run home to let her potty, and then go back to the store!  Crazy!  Anyways, we've been using one of those handy fold-up portable little potty seats for L to sit on when we are out of the house.  Those are also a big fail.  Landon has successfully used the public potty a couple of times now and you know why I think it was a success?  We ditched the stupid foldable potty (that on several occasions slips and falls in the toilet with a can't-ever-sit -still-toddler - yet again scaring him) and just help support him sitting on the potty.  Seriously so much easier.  Now if you just turned your nose or said eww at the thought of sitting your child directly on a public toilet seat I'm guessing you are one of those hoverers who are responsible for the messy toilet seat in the first place!  Wipe the seat before you sit down, do your business, then wash your hands.  All clean! 

The humerous side of this weekend's potty training came when my husband referred to Landon as 'The Boy who Cried Poop!'  I couldn't stop laughing because it is so true!  He is really starting to tell us when he has to go but he points to his butt and says - poop? (yes, as a question) - for everything.

Reasons Landon says - poop?:

-He, in fact, needs to poop.
-He needs to pee
-He wants to wash his hands (a new obsession)
-He passed gas
-Somebody is in the bathroom at home and he wants to join
-We just put on PJ's and he's avoiding bedtime
-He heard someone say the word poop
-He wants to get down from his high chair

                                                                                ....and the list goes on.

Beyond the public potty victory, potty training in general has been very up and down, day by day.  Some days he's totally on board and hardly has a single accident.  Other days it's like he forgot the concept completely.  In the big scheme of life my toddler finally going potty in public is most certainly a 'little' victory, but my blog is titled, The Little Things.  At the end of the day, isn't it those little victories that make the day an overall success?

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