Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cloth 2.0

I started cloth diapering my first born when he was one week old and I did the same thing with my 11pm to be exact.  I would have waited till morning (a much more logical decision) but I ran out of disposables so it was time to switch!  I honestly have to say it has been the easiest part of caring for little miss Emmilyn so far.  I did prefolds and covers with Landon for the first few months while I decided what type of diapers I liked and built my pocket stash and planned to do the same with Emmilyn even though I have a large stash of pockets this time around.  Pockets are easier, yes, but newborns go through so many darn diapers that I find prefolds & covers to be so much easier in the beginning....especially because we are home most of the time.  Here is a picture of E in a prefold with a snappi:

And then with the cover overtop:

The first time I began cloth I was so annoyed that the diapers come down to the knees nearly but now it's just normal to me.  Like all things, she will grow into them!  One thing I have discovered new this time around are fitteds (see below.)

They still require a cover but as you can see are a LOT more simple than folding a prefold.  I purchased them from a friend and frankly if one of the main points for me wasn't to save money I would own 20 of these!  I have 3 (side note - the brand is Thisties) and I use them mostly for night time or when we are out since they make life a little bit easier. 
I've found myself thinking about jumping into my stash of pocket diapers much earlier (E is just 3 weeks old now) but I will probably wait until the amount of diapers we are going through slows down a little bit.  You know, when one diaper change doesn't turn into 3-4 diaper changes before I've even left the changing table! ;)  The only other detail I can think of that's different is that I am using regular Tide Powder for my diaper laundry instead of Charlie's Soap.  The main reason?  I had to order Charlie's Soap online and I can pick up Tide Powder at any local grocery store AND use it on the rest of my laundry as well.  Hey, when #2 comes along somtimes the solution is just whatever is fastest and easiest!


  1. Nevermind my question about what type of diapers you use! I like fitteds & covers on newborns/infants too. I use Kissaluv fitted diapers with Thirsties covers or Fuzzibuns pockets as a cover right now. I have a small stash of Bum Genius pockets on my eldest right now & I'm hoping he's potty trained by the time my youngest needs to use them!