Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I workout

This picture has nothing to do with working out, it just makes me smile.  The left side is Emmilyn, and the right is Landon when he was little.  They are definitely related!

So I'm officially 6 weeks post-partum and very anxious to hit the gym to get back in shape.  I vaguely remember how in a former life I'd roll out of bed, drive to the gym, walk straight in, workout for as long as I want, maybe grab a coffee after, or go shopping, or both because I could. 

Today it goes a little like this:

First thing in the morning I'm nursing Emmilyn and Landon poops his underwear.  Awesome.  I watch to make sure he doesn't sit anywhere while I finish feeding Emmi.  Clean him up, pack the diaper bag, pack my gym bag, load up the car and drive to Walmart to buy store bought cookies for a get-together because the pie I attempted to make last night was an epic fail.  Maybe because one kid was pulling on my leg while the other was crying the whole time.  Leave Walmart and swing back by the house to pick up forgotten gym bag.  Get back on the road to the gym, pull in gym parking lot...both kids are asleep.  Awesome.  Wake Landon up so we can go inside.  Fill out paperwork at gym daycare for Emmilyn who is now hungry again, spend another five minutes explaining cloth diapers to the daycare ladies, finally walk into the gym, put on my sneakers and get on the treadmill and realize I only have about 30 minutes to workout before the daycare closes.  Awesome.  Do I even need to workout at this point?

All jokes aside I did get in a small workout and Landon & Emmilyn both did great at the daycare.  I know it will just (hopefully) get easier everyday and I can't wait to get back in shape and running again!

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  1. Tell me more about this gym daycare...

    And what kind of diapers do you use?