Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Mommy Brain is on fire

The good news is that my kids are fed, clothed, and happy.

The bad news...I clearly can't function in society beyond those basics.

We had a low-key weekend as we waited for Nemo to come and leave up trapped in our house with 6 feet of snow (kidding) but the snow was no more than usual.  Since we were planning to hibernate all weekend we did just that.  We watched lots of Word World and Chris & I caught up on Scandal (O.M.G!)  We ate lots of way-too-indulgent food, shoveled snow, drank hot chocolate, then we even brought the snow indoors! 

After a long weekend of hibernation and not an ounce of working out, I was anxious to get to the gym Monday.  As I was getting ready to leave the house Chris asked if I could bring his fleece to him at work.  Sure!  So I packed up the diaper bag, kids, hopped in the car and drove up to his office. 

- Enter Mommy Brain -

Our text conversation went a little like this...

Me - I seriously have issues, I don't have you fleece!!!  I'll go back home and get it then text you when I'm back.

Chris - Lol, don't worry I'll drive home and get it so you can go to the gym.

Me - Don't bother I forgot my gym shoes too!!

** There may have been a few expletitives in there. :)

Mind you it's 30ish minutes one way to Chris's office so my morning was spent driving for over 2 hours trying to accomplish what should have taken 30 minutes tops. And I still didn't make it to the gym. A couple weeks ago I drove 45 minutes one way to the gym just to realize I didn't have my sneakers. Sigh, do I get an A for effort? Do other Mom's have this problem?  I feel like if it involves something other than changing a diaper, fixing a bottle, or nursing a booboo I just. can't. do it. 

So far today I haven't forgotten anything but Mother Nature has me trapped in the house once again.  Maybe that's my problem...cabin fever? Lack of vitamin D?  Perhaps my girls bachelorette get-away this weekend will help.  I haven't spent a single night without feedings or changing diapers in over two years.  The thought of hanging out with just adults for 3 whole days has me equally excited and terrified!   I'll get to go to the bathroom by myself, shower when I want, sleep in, maybe even shop?!  Hopefully I don't start a conversation about poop.  That would be awkward.  I'm sure this first time (ever) away from my babies will provide plenty to to write about so stay tuned! 

In the mean time I'll be here trying to locate my brain so I can pack and prepare for the weekend.  Share your Mommy Brain blunders!

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