Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Moving Itch

We have been in the Military for a short (almost) 3 years now.  We packed up and moved from Virginia to Arizona for 10 months, then moved back across the country to New York.  I remember thinking, I'm SOOOOO GLAD we will be stationed for at least two years and not have to MOVE again!!

Why, oh why then do I have the moving itch after just a year and a half?  I don't have a history of moving, in fact my parents still live in the house they bought when I was 8 months old.  Seriously.  Chris and I settled into a house after college and were content; never moving until the Army came along. 

So what drives this moving itch?  The appeal of what adventure could lie ahead?  Discontent with where we are now?  Or perhaps everyone around me seems to be getting orders for new and exciting locations?

I'm also curious - is this a Military exclusive feeling to have the moving itch or do my civilan friends get the itch too?

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