Monday, March 5, 2012

Winter is draaaaaggggging

This picture makes me laugh everytime I see it.  I wish I could say this was a one-time incident, but Landon falls asleep while eating more than I feel is normal.  Besides sleep-eating, we are just trying to get by these last weeks of winter. (It makes me hopefully to say weeks, not months.) 

To get in the summer spirit we started swim lessons last week.  My kid was the one who cried through the entire lesson.  Awesome!  It was a first time Mom moment when he was screaming crying that I wondered if I should just get out of the pool so I don't ruin it for the other kids, but I also didn't want to cave into Landon. (He WILL like swimming, dangit!)  I compromised and moved him to the steps where he could sit in the water and feel a little more comfortable.  Phew!  Hopefully he comes around to swimming before our beach vacation in June!

Other than swim lessons we have daily dance parties inside while we pretend it isn't snowing outside.  Is 60 degree (at least) weather & green grass too much to ask for?!

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