Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bathtub Paint

Entertaining a toddler is a task in itself, but with a Dad who's TDY and a Mom who's 34 weeks pregnant the task suddenly becomes momumental and exhausting!  Just for fun throw in a night spent washing vomit covered sheets, carpet, bath mat, towels, and clothes, and in the same 24 hours cleaning dog diarrhea (excuse me - I have a Great Dane so make that HORSE diarrhea) from the carpet & walls (yes walls) of your mudroom and well, we needed a simple and fun NEW activity pronto!  I pulled this idea from Pinterest and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't end up with a pinstrosity (have you seen that blog? - hilarious!) 

This was so simple - combine cornstarch, food coloring, baby shampoo, and a teensy bit of water for fun painting in the bathtub!

I didn't have any food coloring on hand and my local store only has the gel but it worked just fine.  The verdict - it was a hit!  We basically ended up with one color as Landon combined everything but if the kid makes a mess he is happy.  Mission accomplished!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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