Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Could you live without a microwave?

About 6 weeks ago I was having a craving for chocolate so I turned to a childhood snack of melting semi-sweet morsels in the microwave and eating the melted chocolate with a spoon.  There was just one problem.  After 3 times setting the timer on the microwave and 3 times standing there for one minute salivating with anticipation, again the chips were still in solid form! (Yes, I really did try 3 times before giving up.)  My husband walks over and says, "Way to kill the microwave!"

Thanks dear, thanks.

So in a frantic moment (come on now I was having a pregnancy craving!) I melted the chocolate in the oven which took FOR-EV-ER!  It probably would have been faster on the stovetop but I just wasn't thinking clearly. 

I didn't run out the next day and buy a new microwave because I am super cheap and lets be honest, how often is a new microwave a purchase you need to make!  After about a week passes Chris was out of town for training and I decided to just see how long I could go without a microwave.  Maybe I don't really need one?  Except for a few situations where it's just more convenient - melting hot fudge for ice cream, Landon's 90 second oatmeal - I actually found the stove and/or oven work just as easily for anything I needed to cook or reheat.  In fact, I found food reheated in the oven or stove-top tasted better than in the microwave!  Yesterday I finally removed the beast from the counter and I am much enjoying the extra counterspace and a place for my cookbooks that L can't get ahold of them. 

This is certainly much prettier than a dirty old microwave:

Chris has yet to return from training so I'm not saying we'll never replace it but I'm going to hold out as long as I can. 
Could you (or do you) live without a microwave?

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