Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Vacation

We traveled home to Virginia a couple of weeks ago for my best friend's engagement party (more on that later) and it also happened to be Easter weekend so the kids and I made it an extended Easter vacation to visit with family!  Chris could only join us on the weekend so I loaded up the kids in the car and made the 12 hour drive alone.  It really wasn't so bad as I'm used to taking the kids with me every where I go but I all I could do is chuckle when crossing into Virginia it begins to snow.  Naturally everyone accused me of bringing it from New York.  It followed me, I swear!  I didn't pack for snow so Landon played with his cousins in rain boots, jeans, lots of layered shirts, and a nine year olds pink gloves.

We had a great visit with everyone.  Here are a few of my favorite picture's from the trip.
                                          Finding all the yummy candy after the Easter Egg hunt.

                                           Emmi wearing the bunny ears hat my Aunt made for Landon.

                                              Grocery shopping with Mimi. (They have kid sized carts)

                                              Sitting on a T-Rex at the NC Zoo!

                                                  Puzzle time with Grandma.

                                            Cousins soaking up cuddle time.

                                            I was genuinely surprised that he went up, and down this slide.

      I am also somehow still surprised at how few places have baby changing stations when traveling.  I took this picture to remember the days of using the restroom while holding a baby, changing a baby (on a changing pad) on the bathroom floor and then simultaneously cleaning changing pad while wrapping it back up ALL while still holding baby in arms like this:
Fun times!  Now we are back in New York (It snowed the day we returned) and waiting on Spring.  Now on to refresh myself on Baby Led Weaning.  It's almost time to start solids!

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