Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunshine, a bike, and chocolate cake

This past weekend was rather uneventful with a few errands run and lots of school work to be tackled.  We mostly hung around the house.  Emmilyn is sitting up on her own now and I caught Landon playing in the sunlight with his car.

This kid certainly doesn't take sunlight for granted.  He pointed it out again this morning.  'SUN!'
We started Baby Led Weaning with Emmi over the weekend.  Here she is exploring a slice of sweet potato.
It was warm enough to get outside and Landon ride his bike he got for Christmas.  I use the term warm loosely because after this picture was taken we had to go in for another layer and gloves. 

Landon is riding a balance bike, which I was introduced to by a friend.  There are no petals and there are no training wheels.  Here is another view.

Landon sits on the seat and pushes himself along, getting faster everyday.  The idea is that he learns to balance from the beginning and will have no problem transitioning to a regular bike in a few years.
I pushed Emmi in the stroller and we enjoyed the cold, fresh air, and most importantly...sunshine!
 We stopped to look at the water.

On the side of the road you can see all of the salt residue leftover from snow season.  A side effect of the roads being so well cleared all Winter.
I cooked this yummy (skinny) recipe for dinner. Skinny chicken and broccoli alfredo except I served it with couscous, not pasta.  It was delish!
After dinner I told Chris I was in the mood for chocolate cake.  He said that sounded good (side note - I am the one who likes sweets and chocolate so I almost fell in the floor when he said this!)  Soo...I googled, picked the first recipe that sounded good and used ingredients I had on hand.  This is the one I chose.  I was babywearing while baking so that Chris could focus on schoolwork since Emmi is teething and a bit whiny.  I gave Landon a spoon and 2 containers out of the recycle and he pretended to cook right along with me.

Of course we had to lick the spoon before we baked the cake.  I caught this picture of Landon's anticipation.  I remember that feeling, do you?

Here is the after.
Now it's Monday and back to the grind.  I went to a yoga class but was pulled out halfway through for an inconsolable baby.  Le sigh...Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Where did you guys get the bike? That's an interesting concept!

  2. Colleen we bought it off of Amazon but several places carry them, mostly online. Strider is the brand we went with! We even brought it down to Virginia, Landon loves it so much!