Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Fit - Good News/Bad News

  • The bad news:

Since my last check-in I...

  -Worked out for a week then...
  -Had 2 kids with a stomach bug then...
  -I got said stomach bug then...
  -I got better for a few days just to...
  -Get stomach bug again and here we are on Day 4 feeling a little bit better.

  • The good news:

I'm still losing weight (yay stomach bug?)

  • The bad news:
I'm failing miserably at the "running" and "strength" part of my Get Fit plan.
  • The good news:

I'm making an appointment with a primary care doctor for the first time in nearly three years to get a physical.  Given the amount of sickness I've had over the past six months perhaps a physical will be worth the while. (Thanks for the advice Dad.)

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