Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip Day Three


If you are just now joining us, you can read about Day One and Day Two here. 

Day two began with a hotel coffee fail so I was pretty excited last night when I spotted a Starbucks not far from our hotel.  Mental note for morning.  My husband thankfully agreed to the extra stop for my much needed coffee fix.  Last night we stayed at a Spring Hill Suites (in Oklahoma City) which was very nice, but caused for a chaotic morning as there were not two separate rooms.  It doesn't matter how tired my littles are if they hear you awake they are going to wake up and usually not happy.  So it just meant for a quick exit from the hotel before we woke up everyone!

Day three went pretty much like the previous two - began with Landon's 'new' toy for the day and a new DVD or two to watch.  Soon it was time for lunch and well, the picnic lunch has lost its appeal completely.  Neither kid wanted to eat, again, and they were too curious about their surroundings.  We tried to keep meal times on schedule with the time change each day, but of course hunger came early and both kids snacked in the car.  Ah well, at least they were eating something!  After lunch time both kids have been taking a nearly two hour nap.  That has made for a nice break, even for sitting in a car.  Also, on day three the landscape finally started to noticeably change.  This was a stop in New Mexico.
We arrived in Albuquerque mid-afternoon between the early start and gaining an hour crossing into New Mexico.  Exhaustion has begun to set in so we order in a pizza, then give the kids a bath.  It's amazing how fun two empty water bottles can be to play with.
By 8pm (10pm Eastern time) our hotel room looked like this:
Ahhh, sweet silence.  One more day to go.


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  1. It sounds like the trip is going well! Glad to hear it!