Saturday, July 13, 2013

Settling into Arizona

Our first two weeks in Arizona have been fun and frustrating. 

Despite not having our household goods so I can begin unpacking, I have been busy from sun up to sun down entertaining Emmi & Landon and keeping them out of all the trouble that comes with a nearly empty house.  Did I mention Emmi is crawling and getting into everything now?  Anywho, here are a few tidbits about our first week in a new state and new home.

- Arizona is backwards.  If you are in the left turn lane at a light you will get a green arrow after the straight ahead traffic, not before.  Target's entrance is backwards to.  I walk in the exit every. single. time.

- Obey the traffic laws here or you will get a ticket (with a picture of you driving) in the mail.

-I found a local farm csa and a farmers market!

-Waiting two weeks in an empty house for your household goods is much easier without kids.

-I want to join a gym but the "child care" is extra.  "Child care" is in quotations because they don't change diapers or give bottles so I'm not exactly sure what I'm paying for.

-There's a six month wait for on-post part-time toddler care.  Off-post daycares want a longer than six month agreement.  We will be here for six months.

- So far the weather is gorgeous and as it turns out I'm pretty happy when a monsoon comes through because we usually need the cool down.

Tonight we are going to make fajitas with our local (made today) tortillas, tortilla chips & salsa, and have dinner in our camp chairs around a box dinner table.  Hopefully for one of the last times.

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