Friday, July 5, 2013

Cross Country Road Trip Day Two

If you are following, we recently drove from Virginia to Arizona with a toddler, baby, and one very large dog.  Our trip actually began in upstate NY (Fort Drum if you are military) but we detoured for two weeks in Virginia to visit with family.  I've been slow to post each day because we've been adjusting to our new home, trying to get the kids off of East Coast time (which has made for early mornings AND late nights) and dealing with a fever in the littlest one.  Here is a little bit about day two.
Today is Day two on the road.  It began with a huge hotel coffee fail.  I filled to the max line.  Apparently that will fill up about 3 cups off coffee.  Oops!  We made it all the way to a small town in Tennessee between Nashville and Memphis on Day one.  We were off to a later start this morning (about 8:30am) but we enjoyed a little extra sleep as day one was our longest.  Our hotel stay at La Quinta was great and highly recommended if you have dogs (no extra pet fee - even for a Great Dane!)  Getting a suite so that our toddler could sleep in a different room than us?  Genius!  He fell and stayed asleep so much better than if we had been in the same room. (*Disclaimer – I don’t mean an actually separate hotel room, a suite with two connecting rooms, but a wall separating us.)  Anyways, our Great Dane, Tucker, slept in the room with Landon and he thought that was pretty cool.  We grabbed (free) breakfast at the hotel and hit the road.  We had another lunch picnic but neither kid ate so that was kind of a fail.  There’s been a lot of snacking in the car so maybe that is to blame.  I expect all routines will be a little wacky until we get to Arizona and settled.  I stocked up on organic, squeeze pouches of baby food for Emmi so that I had a way to satisfy her hunger if we weren’t at a stopping point.  She can actually hold them herself and sucks the baby food down like a yummy smoothie.  I should point out here that Landon never could have those on his own.  He had too much fun squeezing and making a huge mess of them so I was pleasantly surprised to see Emmi EAT them and not making a mess of them.  Yay for little girls!  Day two was for the most part uneventful, so here are a few pictures.
Lunch picnic!

Emmi preferred dirt and rocks.
Traffic jam = fresh air.
A fun game of peek-a-boo between Landon and Emmi.

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