Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A weekend with friends

Our friends from home in Virginia came to visit us this weekend with their little girl who is around Landon's age.  When we go home we usually get to see our friends for a split second, if that so we were looking forward to a fun weekend!  While we indeed had a great time, the trip was not without a few hiccups.  Meg (our friends little one) decided to kick off the trip by puking on the plane so her Mom & Dad could smell like vomit for the next 6 hours.  Unfortunately there was a repeat by Meg on her Mom & Dad's bed at about 5:00am after they had just arrived around 2:00am.  This, followed by Mark getting a bloody nose (darn North Country dry air), and my hubby slamming his finger in the garage door.  We were starting to think we shouldn't leave the house all weekend. 

But we did and had a wonderful time!  That evening while the guys were out to pick up pizza & beer, we Mom's let our guard down as the kiddos were having a snack.  I guess Landon felt left out and decided to puke all over the couch.  Awesome.  :)  Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, Landon develops a rosy cheek look which we attribute to the cold. 

Turns out he was on his way to a full blown ear infection, cough, and day one (of many) of trying to break his fever.  Despite the 'few' hiccups, we really had a wonderfully fun weekend with our friends!  The kids played well together and you wouldn't have known they didn't feel 100%.  You can't rain on our parade!

Just to add insult to injury, our friend's plane home from Charlotte was cancelled due to the snowstorm in Virginia.  They ended up renting a car and driving home a day late. 

Hey friends, let's do this again some time! ;)

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