Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Since about the beginning of February (when we discovered #2 was on the way) hubby and I have talked about switching Landon to a big boy bed.  Buy a toddler bed or just a mattress on the floor?  Use the full size mattress we already have or buy a twin?  When should we switch him?  Despite all the discussion, we hadn't come to any concrete decisions, although we were leaning towards just moving the full size mattress that we already had into his room.  Baby #2 isn't due until October so there is no rush, but we are the type that will discuss a topic to exhaustion, leave it alone for a while, and then randomly decide to take action.

That is exactly what we did this weekend.  We decided to give the big boy bed ago, so mid-morning hubby started to take the crib apart (not a convertible) and we discovered it worked perfectly well with one size removed.  There were no rough edges or parts sticking out and it was perfectly stable. 

So, there you go!  We put our little guy in his temporary (we will still move him to a mattress on the floor as the crib will be used for baby #2) big boy bed for naptime!  He cried and cried and then fell asleep like this right by the door.

HILARIOUS!  At bedtime he didn't fuss, but again got out of the bed and fell asleep on the floor so we moved him back into the bed.  He fell out of the bed one time the first night but otherwise did great!  The next couple of days he still insists on napping on the floor, but has slept all night in the bed!  I heard him get up this morning and begin playing with his toys.  I think he likes it!

As for the naps on the floor, oh well.  I was inclined at first to move him back to the bed but it just wakes him back up and results in screaming.  My philosophy is if he wants to nap on the floor, then he can nap on the floor.

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