Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Girl's Nursery Part 2

We completed Step 1 a few weeks ago with a yard sale, although I still have a pile of stuff in the garage waiting for the Salvation Army to pick up.  Er, make that waiting for me to call the Salvation Army to come pick up.

We made progress this weekend on Step 2 - switching beds & putting lots of other 'stuff' in the attic.  We put the full mattress & box springs in Landon's room.

For about 3-4 months he'd been sleeping in his crib with one side removed.  We debated buying  a toddler or twin bed but ultimately decided a bed we already owned made a lot more sense then buying a new one.

This is view 1 of Baby Girl's room.  We at least have the correct furniture in there now!  This dresser & side table belonged to me growing up so I'm excited to use it for her room.  Hopefully we'll give it a little facelift if we find the time and motivation!

View 2 of Baby Girl's room.  There's lots of work yet to be done but I'd say we had a successful weekend!

 After all of the furniture clean-up and switching Landon I peeked in to check on him in his new bed.  Success!  I'm so thankful he's such an easy going and adaptable little guy!

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