Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pink Diapers

If you know me at all then you know my love affair with cloth diapers.  I'm proud to say that the love affair is a healthy one. 

In other words - no, I do not spend hundreds of dollars on every single adorable diaper I see(as tempting as it may be!)  We have a healthy, mutual love affair where I buy just enough to cloth diaper my child and they do their job by keeping everything, ahem, 'contained.'

Among other reasons, I choose to cloth diaper to save money and I honestly have.  To date I estimate I've spend somewhere between $500-700 on diapering Landon and all of those diapers can/will be used on Baby Girl coming in October. 


When a friend was selling her girly diapers she no longer uses and offered me first dibs, how could I resist?  For under $100 I added everything you see below to my stash. 

Yay for pink!  I've added 5 adorable diaper covers, 2 all-in-ones (the hand & owl prints) and 4 fitteds.  I really didn't use fitteds with Landon because prefolds are SO much cheaper that I never bought any.  They are, however, SO much easier so I'm pretty excited about these.  I'll probably use the fitteds when we are out and prefolds at home.  Easy while out of the house = happiness!  I also added a stack of newborn size prefolds (& of course one pink snappi!)

I have a HUGE stash of size small prefolds that I used with Landon but the newborn size will fit better during the first month or two.  It's fun to be adding diapers to my stash that weren't necessary but will make life a little easier and well lets be honest, REALLY DARN CUTE!!

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