Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stuck on a dresser

I was preparing to write an update on potty training today but my experience about 10 minutes ago takes precedence today.

So Landon was supposed to be napping but as I listened over the monitor he was playing instead.  No big deal, sometimes he will just play for an hour then quietly request to come out of his room.  But, today that pitiful (fake) whiny moan just won't stop.  I decide to go check on him thinking he's probably pooped and unsettled because of it (more on that later.)

When I open the door...I don't know how.  Or why.  But the child is sitting on top of his dresser, legs dangling off.  Everything that had been on top of the dresser is on the floor below him.  He's clearly stuck and can't figure out how to get down (hence the whining) and just as a bonus sticks his finger out to me that is covered in poo.

OH the joys of having a toddler!  :)

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