Monday, August 13, 2012

Pirates and Projects

Chris managed to get a 4-day weekend before his training schedule winds up again.  It's also the last weekend we had with him before he takes off for just over a month of training so we crammed a lot of fun, projects, cleaning, and just hanging out into a short amount of time.

The dresser drawers provided a good race track for Landon's trucks while we waited for Chris to finish up some last minute work Friday morning.  We painted the first coat on the dresser & side table then relaxed the rest of the day.

Saturday was designated as a "fun" day so we drove up to Alexandria Bay for Bill Johnston's Pirate Days.  Landon was more interested in the kids pirate gear (like the little girl to the left of Chris) than the actual pirates out on the lake.  We caught up with some friends for lunch at the Bay and after watching the pirates we also had dinner with them closer to home.


Sunday we made another trip to Lowes.  I swear projects never happen with just one trip!

As a refresher, here is the before of the dresser.  I never did get a close up.  This was my dresser growing up and I think it belonged to someone in the family before me.  It's off white with gold trim and gold-ish handles that had been painted white - many, many years ago. 

Our second Lowes trip was to look for dresser hardware as I failed to take one of the originals on my first trip to get the proper size.  I had picked out glass/clear handles that I thought were just perfect for a little girls room.  Turns out not one single handle at Lowes was the right size for our dresser.  Fantastic!  I suggested spray painting the ones we have so we traded $45 worth of hardware for a $6 can of spray paint and this was the result:

I think we made the right choice! 

Here is the dresser finished!

We also painted the little side table that's in the "before" picture.

We used Lowes giftcards and existing furniture in Baby Girl's nursery so we have spent $0 to date!  Not bad! 

It's been a full and fun weekend but now it's back to reality.

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