Monday, January 28, 2013

Operation Get Fit (& Clean Out the Closet!)

The brackets holding up the bar in my closet broke.  Normally this would be a sign that I have an awesome closet full of clothes.  In reality it is filled with pre-baby, post-baby, and maternity clothes - 90% of I can't fit into.  Before I became pregnant with my first born I ran my first half-marathon, was in the best shape of my life, and weighted between 130-135lbs.  I gain 50lbs total during that pregnancy and held onto 15lbs afterwards.  When my first born, Landon, was just over a year old I found out I was pregnant with number two.  I gained 50lbs again, weighing in at exactly 200lbs the day I checked in to the hospital to deliver.  At 3 months post-partum I am stuck with another 25lbs to go.  While I am proud of the 35lbs I HAVE lost so far, I have a way to go to still to reach my goals. 

Why am I sharing this with you?

Losing weight after a baby is not easy.  Losing weight at ANY time is not easy!  I am determined to shed a few more pounds and to get back in shape (and clean out this closet!)  By blogging about my progress I hope to keep myself accountable and share that while it may not be easy, it IS possible.  Living in upstate NY poses some challenges as I can't run outside and sometimes it's just so cold (high of -5 anyone?) I don't want to leave the house.  Although I'm pretty sure I could find excuses if I lived in Georgia or Florida too.  I'm not a diet person (never have been) but I am going to work on portion control and sweets.  Ice cream is a pregnancy addiction that has carried over.  Annnddd...I can not exist here on earth without chocolate. And peanut butter.  Daily.  Yummmm. 

Ok, I got distracted.  See the challenge?  I'm ready to set some goals.  My goals will focus mostly on working out because for me it's a domino effect.  When I am working out regularly I eat better and drink more water, thus losing weight more easily.  When I'm not working out, I sit around and eat ice cream for lunch.

Liz's 2013 Get Fit Goals:

- Run 3 miles without stopping. (I've gotta start somewhere!)
- Drink a glass of water BEFORE coffee in the morning. (This may sound silly and small, but it actually is a challenge for me and I feel it will start me on the right foot each morning.)
-Do some form of cardio at least 3x's per week - even if one of the kids are sick and I can't make it to the gym.
-Weight goal #1 - 150
-Drink 50oz of water per day.
-Run 3 miles at minimum 10 minute pace.
-Complete 100 pushups challenge
-Weight goal #2 - 140
-Run 5 miles
-Run 10 miles
-Train for this race in September. The 18 miler, not the 12. 

*My method is several small goals so I can have small victories along the way!

That's all I've got for now but it will get me started.  Notice there are no 'food' goals.  I may add those in along the way but for now I think I may just do a food journal so I have a clue what I am eating.

So who's with me?  Whether you want to get fit/lose a few pounds or just want to be my motivation I hope you will follow my journey and cheer me on!  I plan to check in on the blog once every week or two but I won't be posting on facebook so if you would like to follow my progress please follow my blog! 

Now to get started on this Monday.  One of the kiddos is just sick enough that I shouldn't go to the gym so a workout DVD at naptime with have to do!  What are you doing today?

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