Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organization - A Work in Progress

I like to think of being organized as a work in progress (in other words...I'm never fully there.)  Especially with two little ones running around.  At any time there MAY be a part of the house that is organized but it is constantly evolving.  Moving every few years doesn't help either because it takes a couple of years in a new house to figure out how everything flows, no?  Then it's time to move again!  Since we returned from our Christmas vacation to Virginia I've been on a mission to organize SOME parts of our house, mostly toys since we just had Christmas & Landon's birthday in the same week, and wanted to share what works for me.

For some reason I've not really been crazy about the idea of hanging a TV on the wall, but when Landon started climbing on our TV stand and in general getting WAY to close to the TV we purchased a wall mount...and then let it sit in a closet for 6 month.  Just about a week ago we (or should I say Chris) mounted the TV on the wall and removed the hutch that usually sits on the TV stand. Here is a before and after:

 Wow!  I couldn't believe how much it opened the space AND it's impossible for Landon to get too close.  Win-win!  I went to my favorite (T.J. Maxx) and found some great wicker baskets for toys in an attempt to not feel overrun by toys.  We still need to hide the wires.  Like I said, organization is a work in progress.

 Here is an evolution of Landon's play area downstairs from this Summer to now:

As you can see, we've not really known what to do with the area.  Our downstairs is all one open area so I needed our adult space & toys to co-exist in a way that I still felt like I could invite people over.  We found a good deal on this bookcase at Big Lots (I also don't like to spend money) and it is working for us so far!  I still need to add some pictures & books on the top shelves.  Someday we'll replace our leaning table lamps that a certain toddler has knocked over (again & again.)

My favorite organization tip began a year ago and has proved to REALLY help me in organizing bills and important paperwork.  I got the idea from Pinterest:

The Pinterest version was a lot prettier and labeled, but mine serves it's purpose.  At the beginning of the year set up a file box for your bills and an extra file or two for misc., tax info, and important documents.  (Before I could never find a copy of orders when I need them!) After we file our taxes I'll consolidate all of the 2012 files and start fresh with 2013 files! The best part is the filebox is still stored out of sight on the bottom shelf of my pantry.
Please ignore the REST of the pantry as it is not organized.  A work in progress.  If you are someone who claims to be fully organized...please show me evidence.  Then send me your tips!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I bought a bunch of baskets to house similar items in my pantry. (Baking, kid snacks, breakfast, etc.) It works really well for me and cost less than $10!

  2. @Colleen, that's a good idea that I need to try! I clean out my pantry twice a year, but in between it's a mess!