Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Virginia Tech dining - London Broil

I'm drooling just thinking about last night's dinner.  I received this book

as a gift for Christmas.  Why I didn't buy last Fall when it came out I don't know.  Perhaps I was busy having a baby or something! ;)  For those of you who have heard of Virginia Tech for some other reason, let me give you one of the best reasons.  The food!  Virginia Tech has THE best dining facilities among colleges in the US, not to mention the restaurants surrounding the campus.  With offerings like delicious burgers & steaks, lobster (yes, lobster) and the biggest rice crispie treats I've ever seen what's not to love?  Chris & I flipped through the pages of this cookbook with our mouth watering at nearly every page.
Our favorite dish of all was West End Market's London Broil with Mushroom Sauce and the Roasted Garlic Whipped Potatoes. 
Mmmmmmm.  Chris & I probably ate this 3 or more time per week.  I'm pretty sure if we lived in Blacksburg we would take our kids there for a family dinner.  No seriously!  Well it turns out this dish is one of the most popular at Virginia Tech.  About 750 students eat it each and every day!  Who knew?  I would have included a picture of the dish after I made it but Chris and I were so freaking excited to eat it that I completely forgot.  Not only did this take us right back to our college days, it made me feel like quite the chef pulling it all together.  Even my toddler asked for seconds!  The recipe was spot on and we will definitely be fixing it again.  Maybe even once a week.  Or day.  Is that too much?
Anyways, you don't have to be a Virginia Tech alum or fan to appreciate this dish or the cookbook for that matter.  Find the cookbook here. 
Now onto Superbowl party prep and a cake trial run for a cake auction I volunteered for!
Happy Hump Day everyone!

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